DARMAKI is a luxurious footwear brand created by Sultan Al Darmaki and a team of Italy's finest craftsmen. DARMAKI combines artistic and cultural influences with the excellence of superior Italian manufacturing. Its signature is truly inspirational designs, a wide range of exquisite materials and painstaking attention to detail.

Following the philosophy of Andre Perugia, Sultan Al Darmaki believes that a woman's personality is revealed in her shoes. He is inspired by beauty in all its forms with his designs transforming ephemeral beauty into a wearable objet d'art. Sultan Al Darmaki is an enthusiastic and passionate designer who has reinterpreted the art of shoe design by daring to marry a breathtaking array of luxurious and rare embellishments in each design. His vision embraces women of all generations and his designs span a wide range of emotions reflecting witty finishes, glamorous impact and classical lines.

The woman wearing DARMAKI is elegant, sophisticated and beautiful. Acclaimed fashion experts have described DARMAKI's designs as a 'Walking Work of Art' and an 'Art Installation'? with styles fusing cutting edge trends and techniques with a truly feminine twist. Distinguishing DARMAKI from other designer footwear brands, each shoe has intricate details and incorporates an inspiring blend of rich materials which give the shoe its own unique character, as well as a challenging and innovative construction and extraordinary use of motifs. DARMAKI has also developed its own signature exotic materials which are used to evoke the custom made feel of the final product.

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